Accounting in the Age of COVID-19

Let's face it--this pandemic is difficult.

Many of us (myself included!) are working full-time, from home, and also managing children who may or may not be returning to school at any time soon. It's an amazingly uncertain time.

To get through these times (and, honestly, to help myself feel sane), I try to think about the opportunity that we face in trying times.

We have all become a lot more comfortable with things like Zoom meetings and have been pleasantly surprised at how productive we can be, even with messy kids, pets, etc.

With this quick change in the way we do work, the way my firm has done work has changed as well. Our firm is very well primed to take advantage of the ability to provide services virtually. With more and more comfort with the online tools available to us, the way you do business can transform likewise. Our Virtual CFO services are a great way to take advantage of this newfound freedom. So we can all do our work quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively. Saving you and your business money on hiring staff while maintaining top of the line books, so your investors, bankers, auditors, and other stakeholders can remain happy.

When we all go back to "normal", let's not forget the things we have learned in this period and make things better than the were before.

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